Other Photographic Meanderings

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Advent for us is living in Hope for the arrival of the Light of the World

This is our Christmas blog for 2014.


Angkor Wat

Join Amy and me as we travel around the world on a chartered jet with National  Geographic, 2012


untitled (302 of 1)

Join Amy and me as we travel with Tauck from Prague to BudaPest,  a Danube Cruise, 2013


untitled (493 of 13)

Join Amy and we as we visit family and friends in California, Victoria, BC,  and Banf, Alberta Province, Canada, 2013.



Join Amy and me as we sail the Danube with Tauck to celebrate our 50th anniversary with our whole family.



Join Amy and me as we visit the birthplace of the Reformation and other cities along the Elbe river.


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