May 28: Tokyo: Meiji Shrine, Sushi School

This morning, we took our breakfast at the buffet option, forsaking the “from the menu” option. There were the same wonderful eggs Benedict, but no crab and lobster with it.

Off by motorcoach to the Meiji Shrine. (check out the etiquette link here to learn of the Shinto mode of prayer).  We witnessed a scheduled Shinto worship with Miku Kaguru dancing. . Shinto worship recognizes many deities. This temple is dedicated to the “devine souls of Emperor Meiji, the 122th Emperor of Japan, and his consort Empress Shoken”. Emperor Meiji died in 1912, so to commemorate his virtue, his and his consort’s souls were enshrined in the temple November 1, 1920. A quote from Emperor Meiji: “For the times to come, and of meeting what must be met, all of our people must be taught to walk along the path of sincerity.”  The original buildings were destroyed in WWII; the present temple was completed in 1958. We were not permitted to photograph this site.

Just one more event before the gala farewell banquet: a visit to a culinary school to learn the art of making our own sushi for our lunch.

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