May 24: Takayama: Float Museum, Sake Brewery

A little later start this morning – 0900 – to visit the Float Museum where festival floats are stored. These were initially constructed in the sixteenth to seventeenth century,  , and used in the spring to hope for a good harvest, and in the fall to give thanks for the harvest. I’ve included a good number of photos so you can appreciate the intricate carvings which have been restored over the years. We were told that the mannequins all have occidental faces as a marketing response to museum visitors.   Here is a link for general information:

We found Takayama to be a rather small town in which a morning market was in full swing. We were easily able to engage the merchants who were selling interesting looking delights, many of which were served on sticks.

A short walk and we arrived at a sake brewery and an explanation of the process by the owner, an ancestor of its founder. We were given a sample of sake – at 1100 hrs! – which was make with a select variety of rice and yeast which imparts a floral flavor. Indeed, good sake with an alcohol content regulated between 15 and 21%. This place was just across the street from where we came for lunch.

Finally, we toured the governor’s house, the only one of these buildings left from the late seventeenth century.

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